Friday, 2 March 2012

Shamblehurst by-election result

The results of the Shamblehurst by-election are now in. I'm afraid that I wasn't successful on this occasion, but I'd like to say a big thank you to everybody who supported me by encouraging me, signing nomination papers, delivering leaflets, voting for me and by reading/commenting on this blog. Every little helps.

The results were;
Richard Effeny (Lib Dem) 263
Paul Redding (Conservative) 96
Ray Turner (Independent) 52
Michale O'Donoghue (UKIP) 22
With 2 spoiled ballot papers and a rather disappointing turnout of only 24.81%

Which means that 75.19% of the electors of the Shamblehurst ward are so disaffected or apathetic about local politics that they didn't turn-out to vote.

It also means that the majority of the registered electors of Shamblehurst ward do not support the Lib Dems, or anybody else. Me included. So please do not let the Lib Dems tell you that they have the support of the majority of Hedge End, because they don't.

After this result we return to the situation where the Lib Dems have a 19 to 1 majority on the Town Council. I think that is an unhealthy situation as their majority is too large. In practice, it allows the Lib Dems to stifle any discussion or debate that they do not wish to have.

I'll keep plugging away, but your help in making the rest of Hedge End aware of the problem with the size of the Lib Dems majority on Hedge End Town Council is very important. Even something as simple as sharing the link to this site or liking the Hedge End Independents Facebook page will help.

Thank you for reading

Ray Turner